Welcome all local and international readers, and tour-lovers. As it's acknowledged that tourism is the tertiary sector, which is a dominant sector and it's one of priorities in Cambodia development and economic growth. To unleash the potential of Cambodia tourism, we have initiated a new stimulant, introduction "Cambodia Tourism Magazine" to adverty and to promote the histrorical tourist sites, eco-tourist sites, and cultural heritage, including many newly discovered tourist attractions of this Kingdom of Wonder to all Cambodians and foreigners from all over the world.

Also, I would like to give special thanks to all CTM colleagues, who have been contributing their great skills, knowledge, and professional experiences to the success of the company. On behalf of the management team of Cambodia Tourism Magazine, I'm cautiously optimistic that you will glorify the development of Cambodia Tourism as well as the success of CTM.

I sincerely hope that you will continue to support and remain loyal to our next issue as CTM readers. Last but not least, on the occasion of the forthcoming New Year, I wish new angel bless you success, good luck, health and longevity, and prosperity.