Stung Treng

Anlong Svay Thom's Dolphin lot: Anlong Svay Thom dolphin lot is one of the most popular tourist destinations,which is located along the Mekong River, Preah Rumkel commune, Thala Boriwath district, Stung Treng province.
Anlong Svay Thom dolphin lot is an important spot to preserve mammals living in the Mekong basin in Cambodia and as well as in Southeast Asia, and also becomes a target tourist destination where tourists can enjoy watching it. Not only is it a preservation area, but also it is a site where dolphins are frolicking, which really inspire tourists.
According to a research, Irrawaddy dolphins are the rare mammals in the world. It is 2.8 meters in length, and 150 to 200 kilogrammes in weight and it can live longer than 50 years. Its gestation period lasts for 11 months, and it is reproductive every two years. Its swimming speed is 42 kilometres per hour, which is faster than most of the speedboats. There are at least nine major lots, from Kratie province to Stung Treng province over the border with Lao PDR.
The best time to visit Along Svay Thom dolphin lot is between March and December. If tourists visit in rainy season, it is difficult to see the dolphins since water surface in the Mekong River becomes widen and its current is severe, derived from upper partSopheakmith. or Lbakhon (in Laos area over the border with Cambodia).
To reach there, tourists travel along national road No. 7, 57 kilometres from Stung Treng provincial town, or go by boat, approximately 78 kilometres from the provincial centre.

Seam Pang Sanctuary

Cambodia is home to various bird species with some are in endangered list. If bird watching is one of your favourite adventures, head to Vireak Chey National Park and Seam Pang Bird Sanctuary. Located 80 km. northeast of Stung Treng province, it is home to dozens of endangered bird species including vultures, storks, ibises, cormorants, pelicans, adjutants etc. Take a trekking tour along Sekong River where these birds appear frequently. Other than birds, different wildlife can also be seen in the area fascinating the visitors.
December through March is the best time to visit these highland bird sanctuaries when many of the lowland ponds inside the area of Vireak Chey National Park have dried up and most of the birds fly along the upper Se Kong River towards Seam Pang. Seam Pang is one of the best nature conservation regions in the province with its verdant and lush tropical forests. Visitors can travel here by hiring a small boat or by bicycle wandering this tranquil and unspoiled wildlife paradise. For your accommodations and meals, check out Theany Guesthouse, a local guest house established a few years ago.

Borey O'Svay: Borey O'Svay is located in O'Savy commune of Thala Borivath district and is one of the most popular ecotourism destinations for both local Cambodians and foreign tourists wishing to experience an authentic Khmer community. The Borey O'Svay resembles an emerald gem rising up in the heart of a green, tropical forest lying along a mighty river. It serves as a peaceful preserve for wildlife, especially birds, and also serves as a major fish breeding area along the Mekong during the rainy season. There are also lots of dolphins which are very popular with the tourists. A white sand beach presents itself along the river when the river contracts during the dry season. Many channels form, some of them fast and some of them slow flowing. The green mango forest can then be seen from the riverside along with some natural stone outcroppings.

Lbak Khoan, a Great waterfall in Stung Treng Province

Lbak Khoan or Sophamit waterfall is an area where the Mekong River tumbles down 26 meters of tiered-rock faces at the border of Cambodia and Laos PDR. The inspiring waterfall is located in the borderlines of Preah Romkel commune, Thala Boriwath district, Stung Treng province, and Kompong Sra Lav commune, Chheb district, Preah Vihear province, Cambodia.
In rainy season, when the water levels of the Mekong river keep on rising until the edge of the riverbank, the speed of the waterfalls make a spectacular blanket of the mist. The whirlpools and water current are too severe to pass through It is very risky for boat to go across it. In the dry season, when water levels recede, scattered and sharp rocks can be seen. . Most tourists prefer walking to taking a boat due to shallow end. On the top of the falls, there are rocks with mixed-up colours: reds black and white etc. It is an attractive view.