Oddar Meanchey

Oddar Meanchey, which lies in northwestern Cambodia, is the province where the former Khmer Rouge army maintained their last stronghold. The town of Anlong Veng, which housed the last home for Pol Pot--the notorious Khmer Rouge leader, has been earmarked by the Royal Cambodian Government as one of the country's historical sites. The provincial capital is Samraong. The Cambodian-Thai border check point of Ou Smach is about 41km from the provincial town. At the border, there are restaurants, casinos and hotels.

The Cultural Site of Khmer Rouge (Tamuk House)

The Cultural Site of the Khmer Rouge displays statues depicting the lifestyle and troop arrangement of Khmer Rouge during the period of their struggle against the Royal Government. This area had been organized and controlled by Khmer Rouge since 1979 to the end of 1997. The Cultural Site of Khmer Rouge is located at the center of An Lung Veng Districial, approximately 100 kilometers from the provicial town by Road No 68.

Waterfall of Cham Pey

The La Ang Tathong Waterfall is located about 35km from the provincial town along the road No 68. A relaxing destination to take in fresh mountain air and enjoy beautiful flowers.


Located at the comment border of Cambodia-Thailand in 41-kilometer distance from the provincial town by Road No 68. Ou Smach is the man-made tourist site, which has been invested by Royal Group Company and VTP shop Group Company on Casino, five-star hotel and restaurants. The site has been organized as the entertainment spot in international standard. Most tourists who go there are Thai tourists.
In addition, there are many other natural and historical resorts, which have been putting in the projects for development by the Provincial Tourist Office such as:
    The area of Tonle Sar
    The area of Ang Ou Ang Krang
    The area of Pra Sat Seung
    The area of Ang Tropeang Baray
    The area of Pra Sat Pursat
    The area of Cham Kar Kuy
    The area of Beung Snour
    The area of Tum Nup Thmey
    The area of Tuol Kruos (Killing field and prison of Khmer Rouge)