To the south of Rattanak Kiri is Mondul Kiri, the most sparsely populated province in Cambodia, despite being the largest in land area. This province is known for its thickly-forested hills, verdant landscapes, and cascading waterfalls. Its capital is Sen Monorom.

Busra waterfall

Busra waterfall is located in Pich Chenda district about 43 kilometers northeast of Mondulkiri provincial town, Sen Monorom. Busra is considered by many to be the most beautiful waterfall in Mondulkiri, its surrounding area of 369 hectares. This great resort is the first choosing when the tourists reached at Mondulkiri. Busra waterfall is divided into three stagesfor visitors swimming. Entrance fee is at US $2.25 / per person for foreigners and KHR 1,000 for the locals.

SEN MONORUM WATERFALL : Locates at Sen Monorum District in five-kilometer distance from the provincial town by red soil trail, Along either sides of the trail, there are industrial plantations like rubber, coffee and cashew as well. The local people usually meet each other at Sen Monorum waterfall during the holidays and national festivals because it is closed to the provincial town. Sen Monorum waterfall has three stages:
  Fisrt stage:The waterfall has slow speed, one-meter height and 2-4 meter diameter.
  Second stage: During the rainy season, the waterfall has strong speed, 6-7 meter height and eight-meter diameter. During the dry season, the waterfall has 7-9 meter height and 4-5 meter diameter. At the waterfall, there is a large space for resting and enjoying.
  Third stage:Locates at one-kilometer distance from the second stage. The waterfall has 1.5-meter height only. This area has no tourist to visit.

RUM NEAR WATERALL : Locates at Sen Monorum District in 10.5-kilometer distance from the provincial town. The waterfall has good location, which is closed to the industrial plantations like rubber, coffee, cashew, mango, Avocado and Pres as well. During the rainy season, the waterfall has five-meter height and 10-meter diameter, and during the dry season, the waterfall has six-meter height and eight-meter diameter only. At the waterfall, there are many big trees projecting the cool shadow to the area.

Chrey Thom Waterfall: It locates at Sen Monorum District in 43-kilometer distance from the provincial town. During the dry season, the waterfall has 15-meter height and two-meter diameter, and during the rainy season, the waterfall has 11-meter height and eight-meter diameter.

The waterfall surrounded by plantation of Sro Lou and there is a big and brandy tree of Chrey. The Provincial Tourist office in cooperation with the territorial authority has arranged this waterfall spot as the tourist site instead of Boo Sra waterfall that unable to be accessible during the rainy season.

Pinetrees located at Sen Monorum District in six-kilometer distances from the provincial town by the National Road No 14. The plantation of pine trees located on the highland, which there are many pine trees remain since 1970 and growing on line, these pine trees have the same height.

The ground covered by a lot of fallen leaves. It looks like the golden colored carpet. Tourists can enjoy and rest on it without matting. The history said that, these pine trees were planted before the Sang Kum Reas NiYum time.