Kom Pot


Phnom Bokor is about 12 kilometers west of Kampot provincial town. The mountain was first discovered by a group of foreigners in 1917 and later organized by a Frenchman named Roulouse on April 13th , 1922 during the reign of King Sisowath. The mountain is 1075 meters high and the temperature at the top is often quite cool.

Teuk Chhu is located in Snomprampi village, Makprang commune, Kampot district, about 8 kilometers north of Kampot provincial town. Its main attraction is a stream that flows from Phnom Damrei via Phnom Kamchay.


Phnom Kampong Trach is lcoated south Damnak Kantuot commune, Kampong Trach district, about 38 kilometers east of Kampot provincial town.

Prek Ampil is located on the coast in Koh Toch commune, Kampot district about 18 kilometers west of the provincial town.