Cambodia’s arrivals improve in July

Tourist statistics in July showed arrivals from Laos to Cambodia almost doubled, while arrivals from Thailand continued to grow at a slower rate.

Cambodia’s Statistics and Tourist Information Department, Ministry of Tourism, reported arrivals from Laos grew 94.9% supplying 24,064 visitors to Cambodia during July. The growth rate has skyrocketed over 70% since January this year.

As for arrivals from Thailand, the numbers increased significantly by 75.8% to 13,538. However, the growth was slower than June when it doubled over 2011.

Over the seven-month period, January to July, arrivals from Thailand and Laos improved 88.8% and 88.5% respectively. They ranked fifth and fourth suppliers to Cambodia’s tourism industry.

Overall, Cambodia recorded 284,282 international visitors in July, improving 18.7% year-on-year. The slower growth in July (increasing over 20% for the first six months) pulled the average growth rate down from 26.8% at the end of June to 25.6% at the end of July. Accumulated arrivals stood at 2,040,862.

Arrivals from the top three suppliers — Vietnam, Korea and China showed improvement in July though not drastically: +24.1%, +11.1% and +23% respectively.

Among the top 10, only Australia in ninth place reported a decline at 6.1% (9,233).

Arrivals from the Philippines grew 50% to 60% since the start-up of the first air link (Cebu Pacific) on the Manila-Siem Reap route 19 April. Growth slowed to 15.7% in July supplying 6,090 visitors.

By region, all markets reported growth except Africa, which represents a very small share. It declined 21.9% to 348 visitors.

Growth from Asia Pacific, accounting for a 78.5% market share, contracted from 33.8% in June to 22.2% in July (223,189). Declines were recorded for Oceanic, -6.3% due to the decrease from two main sullpiers –Australia and New Zealand.

Europe recorded a small increase, 8.5% (41,936) as arrivals from several source countries dropped including the United Kingdom ( -7.1%). Russia grew 44%, while Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland also improved, 24.8%, 25.4% and 20.6% repectively.

The Americas gained 5.3% (18,039) and the Middle East, +19.3% (679).

The surge in trips from neighbouring countries was reflected in a further rise of land arrivals.

Overland travel accounted for 55.5% during July recording 154,519 arrivals, while, 44.5% of the total travelled by air. Phnom Penh International Airport welcomed 60,057 passengers (21.1% share), while Siem Reap International Airport welcomed 66,348 (23.3% share).

Phnom Penh and other provinces welcomed 140,818 tourists, or 49.5% of the total, improving 20.8%. Siem Reap tallied 143,464 tourists with a substantial increase of 16.7% over the same period in 2011

Sourced : ttrweekly